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"A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper."—Kurt Vonnegut

@LjkFountain how was the Norwich half today? Good I hope?

@boonych bloody PowerPoint on a Sunday. We must be part of a rock 'n' roll band. ;-)

@Whatleydude that's worrying on so many levels!! Strange. Very strange.

Someone should teach Senna how to knock people off the track (read: Vettel) better than he actually did. Oh and how to drive faster too. ;-)

Slightly disappointed that Alonso missed out on the #F1 title. He's far more deserving this season than the finger-waving Vettel.

RT @TheRealLeonardH: Considering Batman & Iron Man's superpowers are basically being insanely rich, you can't help but be a little d ...

@RajArjan yep. There was an element of surprise in @wsj's writing, which I thought was naïve.

@RajArjan it's hardly a trade secret that Apple speak to users, despite what they publicly say!

The future as foretold in the past http://t.co/sR33cE5R #future #fiction

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Zippopotamus: free open source static API for all the worlds postal codes http://t.co/DpfqN4qT /ht @smashingmag

"In the analogue world, touch is instantaneous. On the computer, we expect that same interaction."—Wright Bagwell, Director of Design, Zynga

Game design: The 4 secrets behind Zynga's narcotically addictive games http://t.co/zF89wsCp

@berkun and your unpopular ones? ;-)

Still, England, Wales and Scotland still have 2 ½ years to turn it around before the next World Cup in 2015. Not going to happen? #rugby

But instead, it's been another woeful weekend of Rugby for this fair isle. A catalogue of errors and missed opportunity. #rugby

Looking at the Opta stats for the England vs. South Africa match only serves to prolong the malaise. England should have won. #rugby

Cambridge’s Bluefin Labs decodes social media chatter http://t.co/OqSgV4LO #socialmedia

@twinksie how on earth did a Vancouverite get to support Luton Town? That's even more abstract than @bardigolriz supporting Blackburn!

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@grahambancroft ah! The Greater Good. The Greater Good.

@lolajl nor am I really. Politicians are inept at best. Narcissistic at worst!

@grahambancroft The Greater Good should win? Yes it should. I'm not sure many would agree if they really understood the implications.

The EU is turning into an embarrassing and failed enterprise, if not already. National interests are always going to trump the greater good.

After Europe's repeated failure to reach an agreement on the EU budget, the 27 leaders are looking increasingly selfish and stupid!

Remember pencils? Of course you do. Here’s how they're made http://t.co/vpIpOL9R /ht @avinash

Interesting to see that @Mark_Mulligan stresses the need for Google Play to create a closed ecosystem http://t.co/tTQP2M7q /via @MAA1

Lessons from the Future of StoryTelling summit: Are you sitting comfortably? http://t.co/uKzrhTPP

U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom is pushing for the launch of a licence-exempt white spaces spectrum in late 2013 http://t.co/0AhtFKcI

But then Twine has already been built. Cost vs. benefit of building my own…hmm.

Hmm. Wondering whether I could build my own Twine clone using Arduino…clearly the answer is yes.

The LEGO brick thief http://t.co/oXjczHZH #lego

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"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."—Dr. Seuss /via @whitneyhess

If you ever click a mouse again, this will be enormously helpful: http://t.co/1eKduS05 /ht @espiekermann

Apple’s biggest problem: Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services http://t.co/lOZmM7Li

@bengoldacre collect enough evidence to provide an indisputable account of the lying, then expose the buggers. :-)

The paper book as a natural interface http://t.co/PEiH2tev /ht @stephanierieger

@pmahnke that's normal for @thecolonyroom. Show me what he really looks like today. ;-) /cc @niceguyjames

@pmahnke we simply had a pleasant chat over a couple of Fruli and Leffe and a burger. Why do you ask? ;-) /cc @niceguyjames @thecolonyroom

@niceguyjames not as good an impression as Alonso. Granted Vettel is a double champ, but he's not 'fast' without a fast car…Discuss. :-)

"Sebastian Vettel & Fernando Alonso 'are two of the greatest'" I'd agree with Alonso being great, but Vettel hasn't displayed greatness yet.

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@MAA1 I hope your Product Tank event goes well tonight. Sorry I can't make it…it sounds like a good group of talks.

@halvorson I would a more expletive-ridden tweet than that!

@leemcivor strange euphemism, but that's okay, we know what you mean. /cc @alexnguk

@alexnguk …but you'd retain the word "ugly"? Shocking! /cc @leemcivor

@alexnguk you'll need your passport if you're going that far west.

"When I see my bookshelf expanding, it gives me the illusion that my brain is expanding, too."-Malcolm Gladwell /via @mrbootle

@mrbootle hah! That's very true. Does that still apply if you buy invisible ebooks? :-)

@mrbootle another one to add to the ever increasing reading list!

Learn to love volatility, says @nntaleb on @wsj http://t.co/yGxWGEju /ht @mrbootle @farnamstreet

OH: "Let your business strategy be dictated by the number of chairs you have available [in the office]."

"What does the future hold for the mobile industry?" asks @TessaS http://t.co/V2FYhYW5 /ht @bryanrieger #mobile #future

@userfocus in 10 years time we'll not need pagination, but the generations used to books may still want it. Millennials don't need it now.

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@userfocus simple put, yes. But it's never that simple! People still like the frame of reference that pagination affords them.

@BrunoFigueiredo that'll be a simple terms of service change no doubt. /cc @leisa

@finiteattention There are still first world problems that are worthwhile solving, and indeed may have wider reaching benefits.

@finiteattention work like that really inspires me to go beyond simply working with the Web.

Exploring the potential of desert manufacturing: How to use the desert as a 3D printer: http://t.co/dhVBxgrW /ht @finiteattention

@BrunoFigueiredo promoted tweets are all over their mobile apps, or at least they feature heavily in my streams. /cc @leisa

@BrunoFigueiredo burning cash? Making something great? Getting bloated? Building for the future? Whatever they're doing 1500 is a lot.

@alexnguk nah! Make him fly himself home. ;-)

@mrbootle are you reading The Black Swan by any chance?

Blast from the past: "It's Here, The 2013 Technorati Media Digital Influence Survey." I didn't even realise @technorati was still around!!

@dbpharrison ah okay. Good old eBay. I'll take a look. Thanks.

"Figuring out when to abandon a project is the same problem as figuring out how much it will cost in the first place." /via @berkun

"There's no such thing as failure, if everything is an experiment."—Derek Sivers

A free and open world depends on a free and open web. And a free and open web depends on all of us. https://t.co/UVCz23MR /via @scottjenson

Congratulations to @mradbourne & @alexnguk on their Untapped talks. Stimulating content and thoughtful insight. You've done everyone proud.

Putting product design to good use: Hauntingly beautiful, low-cost, landmine-clearing tumbleweeds http://t.co/T9u5TrZ6 /ht @tomcoates

@dbpharrison links please; links! :-)

@codepo8 be warned, you have to hug a hippo before moving on to elephants. Are you okay with that?

@dbpharrison ah yes, thanks. I completely forgot about Cool Components. Sparkfun can be a little pricey on the shipping, being Stateside.

Great news: Spotify is coming to the Web. It's a little late to the party, considering Rdio and MOG are already there. http://t.co/ZZzsjMyD

@codepo8 cuddling elephants is a tough job. Are you sure you're up to it? :-)

@bardigolriz you either weren't looking hard enough, or what you found was utter tosh! Here's hoping you have better recommendations in 2013

@dbpharrison did you get your Arduino kit from Sparkfun, or was it elsewhere?

@patmatsumura thanks. DiffMerge is an ugly piece of software, but if it does the job then that's all that matters.

What's a good tool for diffing and merging files and folders on a Mac? Kaleidoscope, Araxis Merge…others??

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"McLaren say Mexican driver Sergio Perez has to up his game before he joins the team in 2013." That sounds like regret to me :-) #f1

Hands-on: intelliPaper redefines the disposable world of USB drives http://t.co/SfRMDowy

Microsoft knew of Kin's shortcomings ahead of launch, according to leaked focus test videos http://t.co/iTEqNd8N

An evening of gadgets on TV. @stephenfry's Gadget Man is infinitely preferable to the tired @TheGadgetShow.

Attraction (drawn in) ↓Entry (start) Engagement (being there) ↓Exit (end) Extension (aftercare) http://t.co/51KxJqlg /via @johnmaeda

Playing with Arduino and the team aren't enthused. Luddites!

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The only way you can make a playlist without trying to look as if you've got "taste" is to use @thisismyjam http://t.co/YW1G2c3u

Answering the Barclaycard Commercial questions takes you to a blank page. And it's literally called blank.htm!! [redacted] idiots!!

They might be one-time entry questions/answers, but some of them I can't answer, let alone remember for the future!

Barclaycard Commercial instead of making their interface better, adds 5 security questions that you must complete before moving on. Great!

"Ferrari admit to deliberate Massa penalty [breaking the seal on his gearbox] to aid Alonso." That's stretching the rule book somewhat! #f1

I can't imagine the McLaren team would use the the words "if only," but 2012 has been a huge missed opportunity for them and Hamilton. #f1

After Hamilton's result today in the US Grand Prix, I bet he and McLaren are ruing their technical and mechanical errors this season. #f1

@mradbourne yep, lots of interesting points, but the main premise that HTML has no long term future was/is wide of the mark /cc @jwaterworth

Sausage and bacon butty in a frosty Regents Park. Om nom nom. :-) http://t.co/VHC1ICKv

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